Experience the quilt that will change your sleep:

Traditional quilt:

  • Easy handling
  • No slipping of the filling
  • Pleasantly/comfortably light

twinbalance indoor-climate-quilt:

  • Easy handling
  • No slipping of the filling
  • Pleasantly/comfortably light
  • Double warmth:
    no thermal bridges of total area trough shifted inner web
  • Double fluffy:
    with two different filling weights
  • Double breathable:
    thanks cotton and nonwoven membrane

What makes this quilt so special? What marks them from other?
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Technical finesse: the twinbalance 2-chamber-system

The twinbalance quilt consists of 2-chamber-system with a nonwoven membrane and the advantage of two quilts with different filling weights in one quilt.

Engineering drawing (cross section)

Techinical finesse: twinbalance - the shifted inner webs

The shifted inner webs ensure constant hold of the filling and prevent the formation of thermal bridges.

Technical finesse: twinbalance - the humidity control nonwoven membrane

The down filling ensures a natural sleeping climate.

The nonwoven membrane isolates both fillings and controls humidity.

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Visit our twinbalance distribution partner
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Visit our twinbalance distribution partner
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